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The first stage in sourcing your car is to fill our Customer order form to allow us to know the make, model, year, color and other features you might have in mind.

The second stage is you either search and send us the Lot number of the car of your choice from over 200 cars listed on Copart/ Manheim per day or call one of our Auction experts to assist you to find the specification, aesthetics and price that meets your budget, and then, you make a refundable commitment fee and we are ready to bid for you. To search the car of your choice, visit

Before you make the final payment, we will send you a detail report of your vehicle. This will include options and features, VIN number, and photographs of the Vehicle. This will be your first interaction with your Car.


New Vehicles; we have an extensive dealer network in the US, Australia, and China where we source your New Cars. We will continually update you in each step and let you know all the features and options available in the vehicle prior to the final purchase. Once you confirm all the features available, we will finalize the purchase.

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