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Frequently Asked Questions

 Ordering Questions                                                                                                               See Details 

1) How do I order? 

If you see a vehicle that you like in our inventory and if you like to purchase that vehicle or similar vehicle you can immediately book the vehicle via our booking service or sending an inquiry to us. 


2) How do I get more information and more photographs of the vehicle? 

If you like the vehicle in our inventory and need more information/photographs on them simply click request more information button and fill the required information. One of our team members will get back to you soon. We have a very active staff and most requests will get answers in 1hr in regular business hours. 

3) What are the other information you provide?

Other than the multiple photos of the vehicle you are interested we will provide a vehicle history report, Any accidental damages, auction grade, available options in the vehicle and price you expect to pay for the vehicle. To make your life easier we will send multiple vehicles available for you to purchase with your specification so you can decide which car you should buy.


4) Car that I want is not in the inventory?

We understand buying a vehicle is a complex process. If the vehicle you need is not in our inventory we can always find a vehicle on the same day for you. Your first step is to contact us and give us the best way we can reach you (email, phone, whatsapp, wechat, skype). One of our staff members will contact you soon to discuss your vehicle needs and options you need. Then we will find the vehicle you need from USA or Australia. We have access to all major auctions and dealer network in USA and Australia. Then we will send you the vehicles that we find with photographs so you can pick the vehicle you need. 


5) How do I know the price of a vehicle in the auction?

We have access to auction data and we can find out the price of the vehicle that you are interested in and give you a good price estimate that how much each vehicle will cost you before you make a decision. Most of the time our contacts in the auctions can give us the minimum price that the seller will accept for the vehicle and we can pass that information to you. This way you can avoid the bidding process which sometimes results in paying more to a car than necessary. Most of the time we can purchase the car without going through the bidding process. 


6) How much do you charge for this service? 

Unlike most companies, we dont charge a service fee. Most companies in the USA will charge you $100-$500 just to locate the vehicle and purchase fees and further profit from selling the car to you. This structure will earn them profits in two ways. Our company doesn't charge any money to locate or purchase a vehicle for you. Price we quote you is the price you pay for the vehicle and document courier charge to you for customs clearance. Only thing you pay extra is shipping cost to your country. 


7) Who arrange the shipping? 

We will arrange the shipping of your vehicle. 


8) In case if I want to arrange to ship of my own car can I arrange my own shipping? 

Yes if you dont want us to ship your car you are more than welcome to arrange your own shipping. 


9) Who do we sell vehicles to? 

We sell vehicles to individuals and dealers. If you are a dealer who would like to place multiple orders please inform us so we can discuss about the pricing.

 Payment Questions                                                                                                               See Details 


1) What is the buying process? 

There are 2 ways to buy a car, one way is an auction and another way is fixed price. In fixed price method (most of the time this is the cheapest method) if you are interested in a car we sent you let us know which car you want to pursue, we will find out the minimum price that seller will accept and if you agree with the price you can make a 10% (minimum $500) payment using a credit card or wire transfer. Upon receiving your payment we can reserve the vehicle for you. Then you can wire transfer the balance payment. In the case of bidding if you don't agree with the minimum purchase price and want to go for bidding then you can make a 10% deposit of your maximum bid and we will bid the vehicle for you. Remember you can only bid up to 10 times your deposit (ex- If your deposit is $500 then your maximum bid limits at $5000). 


2) Where are we wiring the money? 

You will be wiring the money to our company account and we will give you the wiring instruction. 


3) How long do I have to pay for the car that I purchased? 

You have 3 days from the date of purchase to pay the balance. Once you wire the money to our company please send us an email so we know you have wired the money.


4) Are there any late fees? 

You will be given 3 days after purchase to wire the balance payment. After 3 days you will be charged $40 or 0.1% (whichever highest) per every day that you delay the payment. 


5) When will you arrange the shipment?

As soon as we received the payment in full we will arrange the shipment. 


6) How do I know the status of my payment and status of my vehicle? 

We have an order tracking system. Once you log in to the system you will see the status of your payment and current status of your vehicle. 


7) Other than wire transfer is there another way to pay for the vehicle? 

In some cases, we can accept letters of credit as the acceptable payment menthod. But in we have to charge you the finance charge of the vehicle if you pay via letter of credit. 


8) Is there any discount on buying multiple cars? 

Yes, we can give you a discount if you are buying multiple vehicles. 


9) What is the process of buying a new car? 

The process of buying a new car is slightly different to the process of buying a used car. In new cars once you give us the specification of the vehicle we will search the vehicle from our network of dealers and will give you the detail price for the vehicle. Then the customer can transfer the money to us. In new car buying process deposit is not required. 


10) Do you issue a refund? 

If you can't make the final payment we will do everything we can to issue a refund for you. But for that to happen we should be able to sell the vehicle that we purchased for you. If we manage to sell the vehicle or if you can find another buyer for it we will be able to issue a full or partial refund to you. 


 About Us                                                                                                                             See Details 

1) Who are we? 

We are a company with over 10 years of experience in auto export industry. We have branches located at USA, Australia and Sri Lanka. We can locate left-hand drive and right-hand drive vehicles. 


2) What are NAATA membership and better business bureau memberships? 

NAATA is north america automobile traders association. To get membership and accreditation of the above organizations we have to go through a background check and only then these organizations issue their memberships. We are proud to say that we have obtained the membership of both these organizations. 

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